Lawyer Search

If you need a lawyer in a certain field of business law and jurisdiction, you can ask Digitorney via this app to search suitable candidates. Based on your criteria we come up with a short list of experts, create a written case summary and help you compare quotes and profiles of several candidates. This helps you get legal advisory in almost 50 countries at reasonable terms.

Legal Tech Solutions

If you want to test or make use of premium software for legal matters, you can reach out to Digitorney via this app. As an independent sales provider we offer a broad range of legal tech solutions (Blockchain Messenger from Digitorney, Collaboration Platform from HighQ , Artificial Intelligence Tools from Leverton, Digital Compliance Tool from WhistleB, Workflow Tool from Worklean) at attractive terms.

Legal Research

In case you need to clarify a specific legal question but don't require legal advisoy at this stage, you can raise your question via this app and ask Digitorney to provide research services. We liaise with specialized lawyers in the respective jurisdiction, come up with a quote and time indication. Upon your sign-off, the expert creates your memorandum on a no-name basis and we provide you with the final version.

Legal Templates

This app gives you access to numerous templates across all fields of business law (e.g. confidentiality agreements, share purchase agreements). Every word document can and needs to be customized in the individual case in accordance with local law. In this respect, Digitorney finds suitable experts for you (see Lawyer Search).

Legal Insights

Digitorney LXPRT provides exclusive information on latest developments in the fields of business law: interviews with highly-regarded lawyers and opinion leaders as well as articles are published first in this App. In addition, you find exclusive reports about legal conferences, roundtables and meetups here.

Legal Slides

When legal structures need to be visualized, this App provides you with a rich source of slides: you find a variety of PowerPoint templates with graphics that can be used for internal or external presentations. These slides have been created for the legal practice and are tailored to the needs of general counsels and lawyers.